Most people look at health insurance companies as gigantic businesses that make a lot of money, spend a lot of time on Capitol Hill looking out for their best interests, and making zillions of dollars off of the sick and elderly. That really is not the case any longer. Most health care firms are interested in keeping you healthy and around a long time to pay those premiums that keep them functioning. Remember, they may be trying to keep you healthy but they still have to make the big bucks.

It is interesting to see this shift in the medical realm and while many doctors’ refuse to admit their limitations they are finding that sick people just don’t repair as well as healthier ones. You see that with the exception of exams and screenings the medical model actually offers individuals very little by the way of help to stay healthy. Sure you may head to the doctor and he may tell you to lose weight or start exercising but that is about all he can do and the rest is up to you.

By creating this sick care model what they have essentially taught people is that they should wait until they have symptoms to come to the doctor and to seek treatment for their illnesses. But what if you don’t have any symptoms? Even if you don’t your health could still be at risk and the cost of repairing people via medications and surgeries is one of the reasons that the cost of health care is so incredibly high.

Surgery can cost thousands of dollars and those are obviously not avoidable, but those are typically the only reason people have insurance in the first place. People usually buy insurance because they are afraid of a medical catastrophe, but there are so many benefits that are offered by health care insurance operations that can prevent illnesses in the first place.

This change from sick care to health care has been a big change in perspective but hopefully it is one that will not only find people living healthier, longer, lives but will also help to reduce the costs throughout the health care industry. The future of health care is now Things Changed Health Industryng placed in our hands and the better care we take of ourselves and our family members the better the benefit for society as a whole.