Linguatec Reader Studio

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Voice reader studio has the professional features that save time and money-intensive trips to the recording studio. Videos, presentations, etc. are recorded in no time at the touch of a button. The audio files created can be circulated to a large listenership.

Recommendation: Voice Reader Studio is perfect for professional use.

The benefits at a glance:

* Fast and efficient conversion from text to audio (32 KBit/s – 160 KBit/s)
* Male and female voices to choose from (only available for British English and German)
* Easy to use editor function for correcting default pronunciation
* Saving specific pronunciation properties in speaker profiles
* Integrating sound effects
* Easy pronunciation, dialog and pause control
* Licensed unlimited distribution of created audio files

The most important Voice Reader Studio plus points:

* Professional text recording Constant lack of time and a visual information overflow are often the causes of even the most important texts Linguatec Reader Studiong overlooked. With audio files your readers can decide themselves what information they want to listen to. Your readers gain flexibility; you gain greater coverage.

* The Studio edition: Professional and simple Voice Reader Studio has the complete functionality of the Voice Reader Home - and a good deal more. What's the same? Text is converted to audio with a simple touch of a button and quick as a flash - as usual!

* "Hello, my name is Marc" Voice Reader Studio now also has a male voice in the exceptional Voice Reader quality. And you can also have a friendly male avatar as an animated speaker if you like (available only for Voice Reader Studio German and British).

* Simply correct pronunciationThere will always be words that are not pronounced quite properly. Not a problem: With an easy to use pronunciation editor, even non-linguists can very easily set the pronunciation. The Editor has two entry possibilities: By using a simple coding in SAMPA (the Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet) or by entering in text format, e.g. the pronunciation of "Beckenbauer" will be saved as "Bekenboua".

* Flexible sound quality settingDepending on the required application, you can set the sound quality that you actually require. After all, telephony has different requirements to a radio production. With Voice Reader Studio you can set sound qualities from 32 KBit/s to 160 KBit/s.

* Easy dialog managementYou want to generate a dialog with different voice profiles? With simple commands you can control dialogs with allocated speaker roles, adjust pronunciation and control pauses. Listen to Julia and co. in the roles of Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

* Create speaker profiles To implement allocated speaker roles, simply create profiles with Voice Reader Studio. Save the combination of one-time set volume, speech speed, pitch and gender under the speaker name. Situation-dependent pronunciation changes, e.g. intentionally slower speaking or higher volume effectively emphasize the basic profile.

* Import sound effectsVoice Reader Studio allows you to integrate sounds very easily. You can import an elegant applause, or replenish the spoken word with original sounds, as in a radio play.

* Reproduce generated MP3 files as much as you wantWith Voice Reader Studio you have no boundaries - not for your creativity, and certainly not for your audience. Make your work available to as big a listenership as you want. Whether it be website content as MP3s, your breakthrough as an audiobook author or learning material for your students: generate once - reproduce x times!

* The most diverse application scenariosEmbellish your websites, presentations, training documents, Flash demos or company videos professionally, easily and cost-effectively with sound! We have arranged the applications that this is best applied to here. But of course there are no limits placed on your creativity!

* Add-on options Even more to choose from! If you are interested in an integration interface for integrating into your own workflow, or batch processing for rapidly recording large text volumes, just contact us. We have a solution for everything.

Available languages: German, British English, American English, French, Italian, Spanish .
Further languages on request.
System requirements: Windows 2000 (SP4 minimum), XP, Vista; Internet access for product activation; Internet Explorer (Version 6 or higher)
Application integration: Microsoft Office 2002 (XP), 2003 or 2007; Adobe Acrobat (version 7.0 or higher); iTunes
Text file format: DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML
Audio file export: MP3, WAV (16Bit 22KHz)
Linguatec Reader Studio
Bu konuda gizli içerik mevcuttur!Hemen alt solda "Teşekkür " butonuna bastıktan sonra içeriği görebilirsiniz yada Konuyu cevapladıktan sonra sayfanizi yenileyebilirsiniz.

Linguatec Reader Studio
Bu konuda gizli içerik mevcuttur!Hemen alt solda "Teşekkür " butonuna bastıktan sonra içeriği görebilirsiniz yada Konuyu cevapladıktan sonra sayfanizi yenileyebilirsiniz.