handheld wireless phones, while the second law prevents drivers under 18 years old to use hands-free phones. The third law, which was made effective January 1, 2009, bans texting and sending text-based communication while driving. The reason for the implementation of these laws in California is due to the growing number of road accidents, as the use of mobile phones is seen as a distraction and therefore a detriment in driving. Aside from breaking these laws, using a mobile phone may actually play a part in a lawsuit involving two parties. In short, drivers who are found to use a wireless communication device while driving may be held liable for a car accident. When a driver gets injured and his car damaged because of another driver's fault, it is already considered that the other driver did a negligent act. In order to sue that driver, the injured one (claimant) must prove that the driver (defendant) caused the accident because of his careless driving.

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