AUDASHARE v2.8.10.1436 Multilingual

AUDASHARE v2.8.10.1436 [Multilingual] | 1,13 Gb

Ability to use various types of attachments (photos, text files, etc.)

Store an unlimited number of calculations in a single case (or loss, repair estimates)
Tracking the status of e-business
Comparison of calculations performed in a single case (or loss, repair estimates) by different actors (ATC, SC, NE)
A quick search created earlier calculations
The ability to integrate cases into the corporate information system with the use of XML
Save the results in PDF format
Ability to use electronic protocol approved repair costs

Extras.Information: In the development of Audatex maximum efforts have been made ??to ensure that:
Provide interconnection of all participants in the process of settlement of losses (SK, SR, Independent expert) through the exchange of information between actors in a single information space
As easy as possible for the users of the problem and agree on the calculation of damages by implementing easy to use, intuitive interface
Companies to reduce costs, both in value and in terms of time, during the processing of claims
Provide the ability to integrate with additional services of the company, "Audatex," simplifying the process of harmonization

Year / Date: 08.2010
Developer: Solera
Language: Multilingual

System requirements:
• Pentium III processor or higher
• Memory 64 MB RAM or higher
• Color monitor (resolution: 1024x768 or higher)
• 4 MB of video memory (with the ability to play 16-bit color) (graphics card is not built into the motherboard)
• Mouse
• A 70 MB free hard disk space for program
• Software: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
• CD-ROM drive 24-speed or higher
• Access to the Internet to update the database

AUDASHARE v2.8.10.1436 Multilingual