The phrase structured settlement means the practice of making a series of payments over a set period of time rather than one large payment. You can possibly think of a few occasions when you've heard about this process, such as lottery payouts on big jackpots or giant settlements in lawsuits. The recipient is given several small payments in a long period of time, usually several years, so that the entity making the payments doesn't have to deliver the entire amount all at once. It seems like a really sweet deal, so why sell it to another person? Essentially, it's simply a matter of getting all the money you're owed right now rather than having it drag out for years to come. There are quite a few companies that are willing to put up with the extended payment period, knowing that they'll get a hefty total at the end, so they'll pay you part of your settlement now in exchange for the right to collect any remaining payments. Along with any contract, you Should review the terms carefully and be aware of the likely hazards and downsides to selling the payments.

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